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High-End financial tools platform for the investment community.

Free Premium Tools

We understand the value in a community and provide tools that can help you make better trading decisions.

Platform Friendly

Our tools are platform friendly and can be used on your laptop at home or your tablet on the train.

Web Security

Your data is kept securely but still accessible via easy to use export options.


A growing set of trading tools.

Risk Reward Calculator

Record and analyse your daily trading performance

Trade Ticket Reporter

Effortlessly monitor your investments

Position Size Calculator

Access trading ideas with our custom options screener


Sharing tools to build a community.

  • 2009-2011

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Cyborg Quant started as a set of spreadsheets and tables to help our team monitor the progress of their trading decisions and which areas needed improvement.

  • March 2011

    An Agency is Born

    Over time our tools became smarter and faster and those outsiders who were lucky enough to have a sneak peak were instantly interested in access to our tools. We opened Cyborg Quant up to a select number of clients.

  • December 2012

    Transition to Full Service

    We quickly realised that while some clients have very specific and unique requirements, our base level tools would be immensely useful for everyone involved in trading. We opened our free online platform to the world.

  • July 2018

    Phase Two Expansion

    To keep up with our communities demand, we've started work on a brand new set of trading tools that will quite literally blow your mind.

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Our Amazing Team

Meet a few of the people that make Cyborg Quant work.

Liz Bradley

Lead Designer

Chris Angus

Managing Director

Joe Engelmann

Head Developer

Cyborg Quant is a rapidly growing company and family, with a 6-strong developer team, two of the greatest designers, a dedicated support team and a visionary managing director.


All equities are traded on US exchanges.

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